Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Anti Flirt Club

Che vi serva da lezione: non si flirta. 
Alice Reighly negli anni '20 ci ha fondato un circolino rosa, su questa convinzione. A Washington.
L'obiettivo? Proteggere le giovani donne vittime di attenzioni da parte degli automobilisti provoloni.  

Queste le semplici regole da seguire:

Don't flirt: those who flirt in haste oft repent in leisure.
Don't accept rides from flirting motorists—they don't invite you in to save you a walk.
Don't use your eyes for ogling—they were made for worthier purposes.
Don't go out with men you don't know—they may be married, and you may be in for a hair-pulling match.
Don't wink—a flutter of one eye may cause a tear in the other.
Don't smile at flirtatious strangers—save them for people you know.
Don't annex all the men you can get—by flirting with many, you may lose out on the one.
Don't fall for the slick, dandified cake eater—the unpolished gold of a real man is worth more than the gloss of a lounge lizard.
Don't let elderly men with an eye to a flirtation pat you on the shoulder and take a fatherly interest in you. Those are usually the kind who want to forget they are fathers.
Don't ignore the man you are sure of while you flirt with another. When you return to the first one you may find him gone.

The Anti Flirt Club


Anonymous said...

il tuo blog mi piace sempre di più! complimentissimi!

Anonymous said...

ps. la terza da destra è un uomo.

Valebratta said...

La quarta regola mi ha fatto morire: " and you may be in for a hair-pulling match"! Strepitosa!!

Buona giornata caVa!

Parole Santels said...

@bellamerda ti stimo!
@valebratta bello è questo anti flirt club! ;-)


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